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  • We bring together certified Zoho developers and business strategists to deliver efficient and cost-effective digital transformation solutions for SMEs, startups and corporates.


    We offer our clients certainty and transparency by providing fixed fees in most cases.


    We're not a jack-of-all, we're a master of Zoho applications, solutions and implementation.


    We design and build customised industry solutions on the Zoho platform.

  • All the Tools You Need to Grow

    Your Business in One Place...

    Discover How to Create More Revenue and More Freedom with Zoho's Business Automation Suite...

    Starting at Less Than A$1.99 a Day per Employee for 40+ Tightly Integrated Business Applications

  • Accelerate your business growth...

    • Refine Processes - Produce consistent results from all team members, and increase your profits
    • Improve Productivity - Less time spent on admin = more time in front of clients
    • Better Decisions - Real-time dashboards with key performance indicators, marketing ROI, and more, will empower you to make informed choices.
    • Reduce Expenditure - Consolidate all your sales, marketing, project, support, finance, HR, collaboration and communication software applications into ‘One’ integrated platform, with a price tag that's surprisingly affordable.

  • Integrated Management System

    We build our business process, sales and marketing automation solutions on Zoho One,


    40+ integrated cloud-based applications to run your entire business on one account, with complete administrative control - for a price that will change the way you think about buying software, just AU$60.50 including GST per month, per employee for all 40+ apps.


    Sales | Support | Finance | Marketing | Communications | HR

  • Zoho Integrations

    We realise that you may not be ready to adopt all 40+ applications included within the Zoho One bundle during the first phase of implementation, so we can help with integration solutions to the applications you're already using. Below is a selection of popular integrations.

  • How to get Automation Working for your Business

    We Follow a Unique Process to Help You Attract More of Your Dream Customers While Making Your Job Easier


    Analyse Your Goals

    The first step to revolutionising the way you work is to get clear about your goals. We work with you one-on-one to help you map out your goals and develop a strategy to get from wherever you are right now to where you want to go.


    Define Your Customer Journey

    Before building your customer-generating machine, you need to know what the sales process is like for new prospects who come into your funnel. How will you take them from stranger to raving fan? We'll help you flesh this out and decide what needs to happen at each stage to get your customers to the next one


    Collect the Right Information

    We don't just guess at what works. We collect data in order to make smarter decisions. We'll help you make sure your sales team has the right information at exactly the right time while also collecting valuable customer data to help you create more effective marketing campaigns.


    Build Systems to Support You

    Once your foundation is built, we help you systemise! We'll take your online (and offline) processes and drive them into a turnkey Zoho CRM that has been fully customised to your business's specialised needs.


    Automate Your Business Processes

    It's time to STOP working harder... and START working smarter with all the 21st century tools now at your fingertips. Let our certified experts help you rethink the way you work and ultimately increase your teams' sales and productivity by eliminating repetitive, mindless tasks and bottlenecks.

  • Testimonials

    "I would recommend Zoho and Connecting Teams. As a smaller business of 33 employees, Practical Systems is exploiting the value of Zoho as a 'one-stop shop' business process platform. Connecting Teams has provided relevant and timely advice to help us get up and running and continue to expand the...
    "Jason translates complicated processes into simple workflows. He and his team then deliver the technology that avoids unnecessary data entry. After implementation, he is always there with support to fine-tune what we have learnt from using the system. It is a pleasure working with him. Thank you...
  • Ready to Start Working Smarter - Not Harder?

    • Are you tired of having multiple, complex systems and tools for your lead generation, email marketing, sales and ordering, staff management, and more... yet none of them work together to make your life any easier?
    • Do you feel like you're constantly chasing your tail and putting out fires but never making any real progress towards your business goals and dreams?
    • Have you been thinking about automating and streamlining your business with Zoho... but you don't know where to turn to or who to trust?


    Then we want to be the long-term partner you and your team relies on. We're a team of certified Zoho experts who can help you systemise your business and create more time, money and freedom in no time.


    Complete the information below to book your FREE strategy session, and find out how we can help you grow your business on autopilot with Zoho and so much more!

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  • Book Your Free Strategy Session

    Schedule a date and time that works for you below, and we'll be more than happy to dive into your requirements, and display how our capabilities with Zoho can address your needs.